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Each Friday folks gather online to share their freewriting on a topic chosen by Lisa Jo Baker. This ongoing series, known as Five Minute Friday, encourages us to put ourselves out there in the blogosphere without worrying about proofreading and editing. We simply write for 5 minutes, non-stop and then link up with other participants.

The instructions for linking are very simple and can be found if you click here: Five Minute Friday. Join us!  (The first time is always the scariest! But we are nice people, and this is a caring community!)  Today’s prompt is WRITER.

Okay–so “writing” involves all sorts of weirdness. (Believe me, I KNOW: I taught English for almost 40 years!) Anyway, aside from some student writing that can be mighty weird, folks, just plain writing is weird, if you think about it. Not only is it surprising, amazing, phenomenal that people can make marks on a page (or a cave wall or their bodies or most anything else), and those cryptic characters actually elicit sounds in our minds. But those sounds–the individual ones, the combinations (diphthongs and all that other stuff), and of course the actual emerging words–transfer actual meanings–concepts, objects, emotions, images, and more! It’s pretty incredible stuff!

But writing is also weird in the sense that words can mean so many different things. Before I started this 5-minute freewrite, as I wrote the introduction above, the word “freewriting” was underlined as a misspelling (there it is again!). So I checked my built-in dictionary here. No such word! What came up–after 2 retries?  Ferret! Yes, ferret! That furry, smelly animal some have as pets. Go figure…

But writing is also weird in the sense that it can engender such fear in our hearts–mine included! It seems nonsensical that I could feel fear and intimidation from that one word–especially since I taught writing for decades! But in actuality, that’s part of the problem. That writing was primarily academic. Writing a blog is different. And, what’s more, it exposes a more personal side, even exposing that not only to random readers out there but also to former students (potentially, should they find me in my little corner of the writing universe). Granted, I wrote countless hand-outs, exercises, and more, and even did freewriting in classes and shared that. Still, writing can spark fear in anyone.

Step over that line and face your fear! Join us in our writing community!

Time’s up!

In the Comments below, let me know what the word writing sparks in you.




  1. Writing, or should I say “Freewriting” for me means exposing my heart, which usually means I tell more than I ought to. It’s a vulnerable place for me. I mean, I don’t have a blog, but I have plenty of people I keep in touch with through this machine, and also through cards and letters…yes, handwritten correspondence! I also journal, sometimes important events of any given day, but mostly through prayer journalling. I HAVE to be honest there, as He already knows everything about me anyway. But, I have always loved writing, both reading others words and writing my own. The written word fascinates me, always has.
    I love reading your words, Vivi. You’re so shiny and downright funny.

    • Hey Jillie! You are a very good writer, and I am so blessed that through this blog we met and formed a truly special friendship! Words have been the conveyor of that bond. Freewriting should allow you to expose your heart, and if you “tell more than [you] ought to,” there’s no problem there because you are in control. It’s such a liberating experience to write in that way. Long live handwritten correspondence, and I treasure those items you’ve sent me! Thanks for your kind words, my friend!

  2. I like your take on writing! It’s funny how fear is…..

  3. I like your take on writing! It’s funny how fear is…..