Fourth of July Family Fun

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What better way to celebrate our wonderful country and our freedom than having an extended holiday with our kids and grandkids?

The first night we were solo at the cabin, the peaceful countryside summarized by this placid sunset.

Sunset over the pasture

Sunset over the pasture

But then the troops arrived, and the games began!

Little Angel Monkey painted on the porch. . . and painted the porch itself at times.

Fourth of July Painting

Meanwhile, the fellas jetted off on a fishing trip and returned with a bucket of fish–Blue Gill, Bream, White Bass, Large Mouth Bass. Little Dude couldn’t have been more excited!  July Fourth Fish!

Fish on the Fourth of July


No high-tech gadgets were needed for entertainment. Something as simple as a coffee can, a couple of plastic shovels, and an endless supply of rocks provided loads of entertainment and yielded two dirty little tykes.

Fourth of July Rock Digging


Hot dogs and burgers on the grill and lots of other goodies painted our holiday red-white-and-blue! A mighty fine Georgia Peach Cobbler, topped with vanilla ice cream while still warm, rounded out a day packed with fun and treats. (This recipe is so easy to make that it could become dangerous. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because it reminds me of my mama’s homemade peach cobbler. Yum!)


Meanwhile, Angel Monkey worked on her yoga poses and built strength to use against us later.

Fourth of July Yoga

Angel Monkey Shows Off Her Down Dog


Long walks, lots and lots of porch sitting, cows, hummingbirds, and fireworks filled our days and nights. Little Dude loved to lie on a chaise lounge on the porch at night, snuggled under a very soft blanket and watch the lightning and the fireworks put on a major show.


But then the little booger, who appeared to be relaxed and about to drift off to Slumber Land on the porch, rallied with his little sis, and the assault on the grown-ups began. They showed their grandparents no mercy!  Here Angel Monkey and Little Dude body slam Chops.  I’m surprised he could walk the next day!

Fourth of July Body Slam

Two Ruffians Show No Mercy


To add insult to injury, that innocent looking little girl smiled sweetly at Chops, but then . . .


Fourth of July Face Grab

Angel Monkey Puts the Twist on Chops’s Nose and Mustache


Little Dude was a bit kinder in his farewell hugs and kisses for Chops.

Fourth of July Farewell

Little Dude’s Good-bye Hugs


We all survived somehow, and now the grown-ups know to be prepared next time! Those two are sneaky, strong little devils!

Besides good food, fishing, fun, and fireworks, we shared lots of love and made special memories. And we laughed really hard!

Our Fourth of July  spent at Blessings, our cabin, reminded us once again just how very blessed we are to live in this wonderful country and to enjoy our freedoms however we choose! We are thankful to all of the men and women who have served our country in countless ways.

Let Freedom ring!

How did you spend your Fourth of July holiday, or if you don’t live where the 4th is celebrated, how do you spend special summer holidays?  Let me know in the Comments below.




  1. Hey Vivi! Enjoyed reading about all the fun y’all had at the river! Sounds exhausting…but the best kind of exhausting. You are truly blessed to have a getaway cabin in such a beautiful place. And a great Grandchild Trap. No wonder Little Dude and Angel Monkey love being there with you and Chops.
    We don’t do anything like that on our holidays. We usually just have the annual Staycation.

    • Hi Jillie–Glad you enjoyed reading about our fun holiday. And you are SO right–exhausting at times. My mother used to say, “Youth is wasted on the young!” She mainly was referring to the energy they have.

      I love the term “Grandchild Trap”! You are again so right! We hope that they have wonderful memories there for many years to come.

      I also have to say that “Staycations” can be terrific too–& much easier on the prep work. Thanks for stopping by.