How to Relax and Write: Five Minute Friday–Crowd

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How to Relax and Write

This post is part of my blog’s ongoing series on Writing for Healing and Happiness. It’s also part of Five Minute Friday, an online group of folks who write freely on Fridays and share their work, not for critique but for support. Learn details here.  It’s simple, fun, and a great exercise! Join the crowd! (An ironic request, given my post below on today’s word: crowd)

Five nude celebrities Minute Friday: Crowd

The word crowd makes me recoil. I feel my body tightening and drawing inward, pulling away from the press of the outside people and noise and confusion. I sense myself trying to take up less space and becoming like the bag in the trash compactor. I suppose it’s to protect myself, to ensure that I need not be jostled and annoyed and absorbed into the noisy mob. The thought of being somewhere confining, especially on a subway, is horrifying to me, betraying my claustrophobia. I feel the press of unfamiliar flesh, and I. Do. Not. Like. It!

Maybe my reaction comes from being an only child and enjoying solitude oh-so-much. Given the choice of being at a huge event, like a football game (oh, please deliver me from such a fate!), or on a deserted island, I’ll take the island any old day!

Maybe my reaction comes from thoroughly enjoying reading, instrumental music played at a quiet level, and the gentle hum of our household over the cheering, blaring, shrill sounds and smells of a crowd. The fact that I’m a germaphobe doesn’t help either. I envision “cooties” everywhere, bastions of flu germs and other creepy stuff invading my ears, nose, eyes, and making me spend more time sick. (The recent long fall and winter spell I spent ill no doubt adds to this part of the trauma of a crowd for me.)

Maybe my reaction comes from growing up in wide open spaces and loving nothing better, except reading, than running wild and free or riding my bike or my horse with abandon.

Probably my strong aversion to crowds is a combination of all of the above and my milf porn own quirkiness.

Crowds–no thanks!



  1. I completely understand. I always feel the need to shower after I’ve been in a big crowd. I just like my personal space so much. I think God creates us all different, and we all enjoy different aspects of His creation. Enjoy your space. I enjoyed this post so much!

    • Chandra, thanks for sharing cartoon porn videos your reactions. I don’t feel like such a weirdo. :) I appreciate your kind milfs words.

  2. I can relate to that feeling – I’m introverted (until you get to know me) and shy, so crowds overwhelm me. I feel lost and insecure. I do much better with just a couple of people and definitely require bits of solitude throughout the day to recharge.

    • I’m surprisingly introverted too, until, as you say, I get to know people. I definitely need solitude to recharge! Thanks for your comment, Andrea!

  3. :) All valid reasons to dislike the lesbian porn crowd. So impersonal there, I think that’s what I don’t like about it. So much different from community, which I think we were made for. Enjoying and sharing life in community is a blessing that I hope you allow for yourself —- and it doesn’t have to involve football.

    Christy @ A Heartening Life

    • Hi Christy–Yes, community is SO very vital, and I definitely do allow for that myself (aside from football :) ). Thanks for lesbian videos stopping by!