How to Relax and Write: Five Minute Friday: Joy

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Early spring daffodils

Spring Joy!

Spring is joy to me! How can anyone not feel an overwhelming sense of optimism, hope, and bursting-at-the-seams enthusiasm and energy as spring peeks out at us? I get positively giddy when I see those first little shoots of almost yellowy-green pressing up out of the dark, damp earth, or little fat, squishy looking hyacinth greenery pressing through snow to reach the promised sunshine?

Truly, spring is such a season of hope and joyfulness that I feel like a kid every single time this wonderful season rolls around. It summarizes joy for me! Too, the first day of spring is my dear mother’s birthday, and I love her so, even though she has been gone all these years. I feel a reassurance of her life in heaven with our Lord when I see and smell and feel the creative power of God bursting through from the long, dark, cold days of winter.

Joy feels like flip-flops and shorts and toes in the sand. It’s sitting on the porch swing with a good book, or even better, with one of my precious grand-darlings. It’s sitting quietly in the mornings in the sunroom in the dark drinking morning coffee with the best husband in the universe. Joy is having my granddaughter snuggle into my lap with books for me to read.

I feel joy just riding through the countryside and seeing the rolling hills changing from brown and khaki to vibrant green. Horses, cows, goats, and birds litter the hillsides and seem to feel as joyful as I do with the advent of spring.

Joy is the love of God, always surrounding us, always manifesting in amazing creations and in God’s children.

What does JOY mean to you? Tell me in the Comments below.



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  1. Thanks for your wonderful comments on joy. I love what you said about the flowers poking through the earth. That is what spring means to me, also – a time of extreme, beautiful growth. Hope you continue to share your cartoon porn videos sunny attitude with the rest of the world via your writing. You have a great gift that God has given you; may it bring joy to the rest of the world.

    • Myra, how very kind of you to post such a sweet reply. I really appreciate your encouragement. Thank you so very much!