Things I Learned in June

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One of the main things I’ve learned in June is that “Done is better than perfect.” It’s late. I’m tired. June’s almost over, and I’m about to be away from an Internet connection. But I wanted to participate in this link-up started by  Emily Freeman at “Chatting at the Sky.” I want it to be “done.” So here goes, my list of Things I Learned in June.

1. Done is better than perfect. I can drive myself nuts messing with details trying to get small things just right. Then I wind up frustrated, and sometimes the big things go undone. I could fret about this post for days. Or I could just do it. Right now.

2. Fear can be conquered, or at least pushed around a little. Always one to have a fair share of anxiety, I’ve seen mine escalate in some areas, especially regarding striking out on my own on a long road trip. I’ve now logged 1,700 miles–solo–and I feel much less anxious, more confident, and freer.

3. Speaking of fear, on one of my trips I learned that I can drive down my cousin’s driveway and not have cardiac arrest. This may sound like no biggie, but take a gander at her driveway! It’s really worse than this photo shows. You should be at the top and look down because it’s like that point on a roller coaster when you lose all sense of perspective since you can’t see the ground. You just have to floor it and sail over the edge, praying you don’t take a dive off the cliff. The first time I drove down her driveway, I literally had to sit in my car for about 5 minutes and collect myself before I could get out. One time when my husband was driving, I made him stop at the top on the road and let me get out and walk down. It’s. That. Bad!  A Fear Inducing Driveway

4.  I learned that as fast as time flies, I can also be swept back in time and be that kid laughing till my sides ached. My cousin and I stayed up late every night and talked non-stop all day, even though we visit on the phone weekly. Sharing memories, telling jokes, and simply laughing hysterically reminded me that you really can turn back the hands of time.

5. Another thing I learned all over again in June is that I love small towns and their personality. My cousin lives outside Ellijay, Georgia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Here’s just a quick taste of the town’s quaint charm. Small Town Charm

Quaint Charm

6.  Another June lesson:  If I sit on the porch at the river in my red ladybug jammies, those innocent looking little hummingbirds will dive-bomb me! They know no fear!  Fierce Little Fighters

7.  I never get tired of sitting on the porch drinking my coffee and watching sunrise at the river.

Sunrise, June 2013

8.  I learned that when something this cute just calls my name, I should go ahead and splurge or spend the rest of my days regretting it.

My Flowered Bike

9.  I learned that I still know how to ride a bike!  I learned to use hand brakes and gears too. Well, sort of . . .  I almost had an unfortunate encounter with the wooden bridge in the woods. (I know–I’m not wearing a helmet. And I don’t intend to! Remember what I said earlier about conquering fear? I’m just riding in my teeny little neighborhood, consisting of one closed street. Mainly I ride on the path in the woods. There is zero traffic. I know that I could fall and hit my head and croak. That actually happened to my friend’s adult sister. But I want to feel the way I felt when I was a kid and rode until I was exhausted at night–wind in my hair, flying down the street. So there!)

New Bike

10. I learned that seeing my granddaughter’s wide-eyed amazement over her first lightning bug is what summer is really about!

Lightning Bug Time!

It’s not perfect, but it’s done–just a sampling of Things I Learned in June.  I can’t wait to see what delights July holds!

What did you learn in June? Let me know in the Comments below.




  1. Hey there, Vivi
    Good to find you in my inbox this afternoon! I’ve enjoyed this post, as always. Your photos are great! I guess the best thing is how you learned you really can successfully strike out on your own on the long, lonely highway…and find great delights awaiting you at your destination. How wonderful to be so close in heart to your cousin.
    I DO love that bike! And to see you in action, wind in your hair!
    The sweetest, is that wee granddaughter of yours, marvelling at her first lightning bug. What a little doll she is.
    What did I learn in June? I learned just how wonderful it is to have a growing relationship with a certain beautiful friend, via email!:)
    I’ve learned something of what it will be like when my husband retires.
    I’ve learned prayer is a privilege. And that it transcends time and miles.
    I’ve learned ‘Skinny Cow’ icecream tastes really good.
    I’ve learned I like to eat ‘Skinny Cow’ icecream when I’m upset about something.
    And I’ve learned that red ladybug jammies attract hummingbirds. Did.not.know.that. :)

  2. That bike! Oh my goodness! Adorable. Great purchase.

    • Thanks! Just HAD to have it! Makes me smile every time I see it. Thanks for stopping by!