What I Learned in April

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It’s that time of the month again (no, not “that one”!)–It’s time for sharing What I Learned in April. Sometimes I include things I’ve re-learned because

  • a) I forgot I’d learned it or
  • b) it’s really cool and I wanted to spread the good news.

Things shared in this link-up with chattingatthesky.com range from the random to the ridiculous to the really important.

So join in the fun: Read what I’ve learned, head over to the link-up, and add your own post. Or use this gentle nudge as a reason to start your own blog and join a wonderfully supportive community.

Randomly ordered, here is What I Learned in April:

1. Probably the most important thing I learned in April is that people are amazingly supportive! I’ve been reluctant to share my blog with anyone outside of family and the online community. But this month I took the plunge and shared this link on Facebook for Mother’s Lemon Pound Cake, so much a part of my daily life as a kid that it’s almost a family member.

Homemade Pound Cake

Mouthwatering Goodness

I was really touched when one of my former students told me she was making the cake for Easter. I re-learned that through being willing to take a risk and be vulnerable I connected with old and new friends. And a piece of Mother lives on…

2. Still in the cooking vein, I learned how to make Easy Monkey Cupcakes for the artistically challenged. A few of the monkeys appear to have had a difficult “birth,” but let’s just focus on their individuality. These little monkeys delighted my grand-darlings for Little Dude’s birthday. Now that I look at the picture, some of these guys could pass for cows. Hey, I’m all about flexibility! Maybe he’ll want to have a western-themed party next year. :)

simple monkey cupcakes

Easy Monkey Cupcakes!

3. My grandson, who just turned 5, is concerned that people who don’t know his name will think he’s John the Baptist! Go figure . . .  He makes me laugh so hard all the time, but I have to control myself because sometimes he is dead serious, as he was with this proclamation.

4. AppsGoneFree is a very nifty free app to download! Every day I receive an alert to check out 5-6 apps for FREE that are normally available only for purchase. I can read reviews and download as many as I want–or none. Check out AppsGoneFree in iTunes.

AppsGoneFree picture

Screenshot of AppsGoneFree from iTunes

5. Speaking of apps, a free one I discovered is the Merlin Bird app from Cornell University Labs. Birds are one of my real fascinations, and this app not only helps me identify birds I spot but also send that info. to Cornell to help them track bird migrations. And Merlin provides recordings of birds’ songs and calls. Pretty cool!

Screenshot of Merlin Bird ID


6. Every app you’ve used remains open on your iPhone unless you “double-click” the “Home” button (the round button at the bottom of the screen). Who knew?  I’ve shared this little tidbit with lots of folks, and the only one who knew that had just found out recently. I had 99 screens open on my phone!! YIKES!

7. Discovery Park of America teaches young and old alike about topics ranging from the Arc of the Covenant to reptiles to outer space. It’s worth the trip! (Visit my earlier blog post about this amazing new spot by clicking here: Discovery Park of America.)

What did you learn in April? Share it here in the Comments below, and link up at chattingatthesky.com.





  1. Love it! The one about your grandson made me smile…my niece is 5 and says some of the funniest things!

    • Thanks, Naomi Liz, for stopping by and for leaving a comment! Kids that age crack me up. :) I’m glad you have your young niece in your life for amusement and love.

  2. Hmmm. What did I learn in April? Well, for one thing, I learned we here in Canada really can go back in time–back to the days of the really harsh, lonnnng winters of yesteryear. ‘Cuz that’s exactly what we got! Had snowbanks still piled high, cold temps, blustery cold winds. Longest winter in recent memory!
    I learned a lot about Mary Todd Lincoln through a good historical novel I read.
    I learned more about the Civil Right’s movement of the 60’s through viewing my DVD set, ‘Eyes On The Prize’ and had my faith in humankind restored somewhat through Martin Luther King, Jr.
    I learned that Yorkshire Pudding doesn’t really work when one forgets the eggs.
    I also learned a valuable lesson through a blog I read, written by a woman who lives in MY paradise in Montana. (The place I always joke about running away to when life gets too rough.) She has the scenery I want, the ranch I want, and yet she wrote about isolation and loneliness and sadness. I learned that scenery has little to do with joy and personal happiness. We can be lonely and sad no matter where we are, no matter the beautiful, or not so beautiful environment round about us. Learned I need to be more content, whether living with much or in want, as the great Apostle Paul said.
    Loved this post, Vivi.

    • Jillie, you are always learning so much from your reading and selective viewing. Thanks for sharing your April learnings!
      And I learned that Montana is your paradise–something you’d never shared.
      Thanks for being such a faithful supporter!